Flux Adapt Trainer Review

Flux Adapt Trainer in Gray/Gum

If you know me, you know I love shoes – and more specifically wide and minimalist shoes. But, most minimalist shoes simply aren’t up to the task of CrossFit. So, that’s where one of my current top shoe picks comes in – the Flux Adapt Trainer.

Flux claims in their ads that they were founded by two former Reebok designers, and that experience shows through in the quality of these shoes. The details and general finish are excellent, especially for a first outing from an unknown company.

So, with some of the basics out of the way, here are my in-depth thoughts and ratings…

*These shoes have been worn by me on multiple occasions to work out, so there condition in photos will reflect that.


These shoes are made to stretch, and they do. Initial comfort is very high. Most times, I find myself leaving them tied loosely so I can slip them off and on without re-tying.

The sole is very grippy and the built-in gel insole seems to wear well and adds a nice layer of comfort.


I find these to be great for most workouts, but less so for heavy lifting days. Especially in heavier olympic-style lifting I with a had a little more width to work with.

Some will not like the textured insole, but after some getting used to I don’t even notice it.

I don’t suspect these would hold up well to a rope climb workout, but Flux does make a Graphene high top for just such an occasion.


I also purchased these in white, and they’re some of my favorite go-to shoes. They aren’t obviously a minimalist shoe and they hardly ever look out of place.

There is virtually no scenario in which I haven’t found these comfortable.

LOOKS: 4/5

I’m giving these a slight knock just because they tend to look a bit plain. Up close the details on these shoes are obviously well done, but the color ways can tend to make them a bit muted.

This will certainly be a positive to many folks, and I find them to be an attractive shoe, but they aren’t quite on the level of the hottest releases from NOBULL or Reebok.

VALUE: 4/5

Hey, shoes are expensive these days, so at $129 these are pretty much in line with the most popular training shoes. But for a a do-everything CrossFit shoe, this will leave some people wanting more.

As an all-around shoe in and out of the gym you can’t go wrong with these. While they don’t suit every single workout, they can do nearly everything, and they comfort during casual wear can’t be matched by many others.