Flux Adapt Runner Review

I’m following up my Flux Adapt Trainer review immediately with the Runner!

See them on the Flux Footwear website here.Use code: ANDREW14890 To get 10% off your own pair

I’ve really enjoyed my Flux Trainers and am excited to see what else this company has in store. The Runner is an overall really solid pick, featuring a zero drop sole and roomy toe box. While there are some quirks and minor gripes, this is a really solid addition to their lineup.

Read on for my full review.


Fit and finish on this shoe is top notch. They feel extremely well crafted. The upper is breathable and their website states it’s machine washable.

Flux has stuck with their “hexagonal” insole that massages your foot, which I like, but I know some don’t care for it.

The upper is a knit material that provides a nice flexible fit, but can feel a little sloppy when making tight turns.


Let’s be honest, I’m not a runner, and this is a running shoe.

You wont find yourself wanting to do many weightlifting or heavy metcons in these, but as a running shoe, they’re pretty darn good.

I love the wide toe box and zero-drop sole, but found the tapered forefoot to be a bit off-putting at first. I personally could also do with a bit less sole. While these are very comfy during a longer run, I find it odd they went with such a thick sole after there first shoe was so minimalist.

Also beware the sizing. I wear a size 11 in the trainer, but a 10 in the runner.


Knocking a point here for the very thick outsole, but if you’re not accustomed to more minimal shoes I doubt this will be an issue for you.

Comfort in the shoes is fantastic and you could easily wear them all day.

LOOKS: 5/5

First off, these are purple – well, lavender (or “dove” on the website) and I’m ALWAYS happy to have a purple shoe on the market.

The color is hard to capture in photos, but I’ll say its a lavender/gray color and I love it. I’ve gotten plenty of compliments wearing them around the gym. But don’t worry, if purple isn’t your color, they come in 6 colors currently and its a handsome shoe no matter the color.

VALUE: 4/5

The Flux Runner retails for $139.99

I’m giving them a 4 simply because they aren’t a hot deal. I think the price is fair for what they offer.

I know dedicated running shoes can run much pricier, but in the CrossFit world I find limited value in a shoe that serves limited purposes.

However, I still find these to be a great shoe that’s at home on a long run, or a casual sneaker so it’s a fair price and I highly recommend them.